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Photos thanks to State Archives of Florida

Pier5ive is the only service in South FL that combines the expertise of Real Estate and Yachting under one roof. We are passionate about finding a permanent or seasonal home for boaters, or a boat for new arrivals who quickly realize the water is the ultimate gateway to fun down here.

Pier5ive is a nod to Miami’s historical fishing pier at the northern end of Bayfront Park. In the early 1950s the famous pier was dubbed the “The World’s Finest Fishing Fleet”, a place for fisherman to dock at the end of the day, housewives to buy fish for supper, and others to congregate and socialize. In short the Pier was a meeting place that connected locals with their sea.

Our dedicated team of real estate and yacht specialists will help you connect with your ocean.

Kick start your waterfront lifestyle in Miami today.

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